If you are interested in participating in the group's administration or any of our committees, please use the Contact Us form and let us know. Thank you.

Advocacy Steering Committee - Executive Committee

Alan Ehrlich, Executive Chair; Vanessa Brewer, Joann Callahan, Jennifer Cartwright, Amy Meiners, Jackie Rosenzveig

Advocacy Steering Committee

Joan Darling, Phil Eidsvik, Susan Goldstein, Angie Goodwin, Abigail Paulsen, Todd Paulsen, Bénédicte Reyssat, Shannah Rodriguez-Torres

Samuel C. Ehrlich, Consulting Counsel

Fund Raising Committees


Amy Meiners, Committee Chair; Joann Callahan, Susan Goldstein, Angie Goodwin, Robyn Grossman, RJ Miller, Todd Paulsen, Shannah Rodriguez-Torres

Funding Review Committee


Open, Committee Chair; Phil Eidsvik

Bio-Specimen Collection Committee


Todd Paulsen, Committee Chair;

Public Relations Committee


Open, Committee Chair;

List of Advocacy Group Members:

  • Jaymi Ahrendt
  • Jim Arens
  • Katie Arens
  • Susan Bealand
  • Nicole Castrejon
  • Kelly Cooke
  • William Dedic
  • Sarah DiGerolamo
  • Stacey Edling
  • Andrea Eidsvik
  • Susan Ewald
  • Stacey French
  • William Gerber
  • Arlene Gioia
  • Joe Goedereis
  • Oded Grinstein
  • Katherine Kucel
  • Chris Jostad
  • Michelle Leeming
  • Robert Lenardi
  • Suzette Lorance
  • Autumn Magill
  • Nino Maida
  • Jenny Maida-Young
  • Elizabeth Malcheski
  • Melissa Markham
  • Paul Middleton
  • Ron Miller
  • Sharon Moore
  • Kimberly Nevonen
  • Elias Onyoh
  • Mike Ploughman
  • Jane Podkaminer
  • Joshua Podkaminer
  • Rebecca Podkaminer
  • Rebecca Price
  • Diane Proctor
  • Linda Proctor
  • Hillarey Puro
  • William Rapp
  • Joanna Rowley
  • Margot Stein
  • Sharleigh Stevenson
  • Michaela Stokes-Noonan
  • Valinda Wolfert
  • Allison Yacht