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Advocacy Group & Leadership

If you are interested in participating in the group’s administration or any of our committees, please use the Contact Us form and let us know. Thank you.

Advocacy Steering Committee – Executive Committee

Alan Ehrlich, Executive Chair; Vanessa Brewer, Joann Callahan, Jennifer Cartwright, Amy Meiners, Jackie Rosenzveig

Advocacy Steering Committee

Joan Darling, Phil Eidsvik, Susan Goldstein, Angie Goodwin, Abigail Paulsen, Todd Paulsen, Bénédicte Reyssat, Shannah Rodriguez-Torres

Samuel C. Ehrlich, Consulting Counsel

Fund Raising Committees


Amy Meiners, Committee Chair; Joann Callahan, Susan Goldstein, Angie Goodwin, Robyn Grossman, RJ Miller, Todd Paulsen, Shannah Rodriguez-Torres

Funding Review Committee


Open, Committee Chair; Phil Eidsvik

Bio-Specimen Collection Committee


Todd Paulsen, Committee Chair;

Public Relations Committee


Open, Committee Chair;

List of Advocacy Group Members:

  • Jaymi Ahrendt
  • Jim Arens
  • Katie Arens
  • Susan Bealand
  • Nicole Castrejon
  • Kelly Cooke
  • William Dedic
  • Sarah DiGerolamo
  • Stacey Edling
  • Andrea Eidsvik
  • Susan Ewald
  • Stacey French
  • William Gerber
  • Arlene Gioia
  • Joe Goedereis
  • Oded Grinstein
  • Katherine Kucel
  • Chris Jostad
  • Michelle Leeming
  • Robert Lenardi
  • Suzette Lorance
  • Autumn Magill
  • Nino Maida
  • Jenny Maida-Young
  • Elizabeth Malcheski
  • Melissa Markham
  • Paul Middleton
  • Ron Miller
  • Sharon Moore
  • Kimberly Nevonen
  • Elias Onyoh
  • Mike Ploughman
  • Jane Podkaminer
  • Joshua Podkaminer
  • Rebecca Podkaminer
  • Rebecca Price
  • Diane Proctor
  • Linda Proctor
  • Hillarey Puro
  • William Rapp
  • Joanna Rowley
  • Margot Stein
  • Sharleigh Stevenson
  • Michaela Stokes-Noonan
  • Valinda Wolfert
  • Allison Yacht