Save the Date – 4/3/2016 – Focus On Rhabdo Webinar by Dr. Peter Adamson

PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE The Focus On Rhabdo Webinar series is proud to announce our April 2016 webinar speaker will be Dr. Peter Adamson, Chair of the Children's Oncology Group. The topic to be discussed is the COG's new Project: Everychild. Project:EveryChild There are approximately 14,000 new cases of childhood cancer each year in…
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Initiative Updates

Physician Information Program Re-Boot

The Many Faces of Rhabdomyosarcoma: 50 Stories Please consider participating in Focus On Rhabdo’s educational initiative: “The Many Faces of Rhabdomyosarcoma: 50 Stories.” While Rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common soft tissue sarcoma of childhood, most physicians will never have the opportunity to see or diagnose a case. It is a disease that has the propensity…
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University of Washington Joins FocusOnRhabdo Bio-Specimen Donation Initiative

We welcome Dr. Eleanor Chen at the University of Washington, Department of Pathology as a participating laboratory in Focus On Rhabdo Bio-Specimen Donation Initiative. According to the UW-Medicine website, Dr. Chen's main research interest is in understanding pathogenesis of cancer using zebrafish and mammalian experimental systems. Her current research focuses on dissecting cellular and molecular…
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towards a personalized rhabdomyosasrcoma trial?

Please tune into our Sunday webinar, where we will discuss an opportunity to work with The Jackson Laboratory towards a personalized therapy clinical trial for relapsed rhabdomyosarcoma.  There are caveats, and a great deal of groundwork is still needed, but for the preparation phase -- having tissue donations will be enabling.
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