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Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan

Andrea Hayes-JordanAndrea Hayes-Jordan, M.D., is Director of Pediatric Surgical Oncology and Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology and Pediatrics at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 1987 and earned her M.D. from Dartmouth Medical School in 1991.

Dr. Hayes-Jordan continued to set high goals for herself and break barriers, and after completing additional training, she became one of only a handful of pediatric surgical oncologists in North America and the first African American female pediatric surgeon in the United States of America. She trained for 11 years after medical school to become a pediatric surgical oncologist with dual board certification in adult surgery and pediatric surgery, and additional training in molecular biology. As a pediatric surgical oncologist, her unique strengths and abilities lie in the surgical treatment of advanced and refractory abdominal sarcomas.

In 2006, Dr. Hayes-Jordan modified a high-risk adult surgical technique using heated chemotherapy for young patients with sarcomatosis. Currently, Dr. Hayes-Jordan is the first and only surgeon in North America performing the HIPEC surgery on pediatric patients. She has made an impact on the survival rates for a rare and aggressive disease called desmoplastic small round cell tumor (DSRCT). Since Dr. Hayes-Jordan performed the first HIPEC surgery seven years ago, the number of patients she has treated continues to grow. She presently is the principal investigator for a phase 2 trial for HIPEC in children. Dr. Hayes-Jordan also has a basic science laboratory where she studies lung metastasis and sarcomas.

Dr. Hayes-Jordan continues to do pediatric general surgery as a part of the University of Texas Houston Health Sciences Center Pediatric surgery group that practices out of Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital (CMHH).

Dr. Hayes-Jordan is married to Darin Jordan, and they have two children Jonah (17) and Jenelle (18).

In this program, Dr. Hayes-Jordan talks about “Clear Surgical Margins: What does it mean in pediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma.”

Please note that the first 14 seconds of the recording has no sound.