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Rhabdomyosarcoma – a View From 2015


We are very pleased to continue the Focus On Rhabdo Webinar Series on July 19th at 2PM Eastern with Dr. Elizabeth Stewart, clinician-researcher at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

During this exciting webinar, Dr. Stewart will present:

  • a discussion of the current challenges in the treatment of pediatric solid tumors
  • an overview of the current research strategies to overcome these challenges
  • a discussion of the use of well characterized preclinical models derived from tumors from pediatric patients in order to test novel treatments for rhabdomyosarcoma and other pediatric solid tumors
  • and a brief update on the use of targeted therapy for pediatric solid tumors

IMPORTANT: This will be a moderated webinar. To protect our speakers from even a hint of ‘practicing medicine over the internet’ we ask that you send in your questions prior to the program. We will sort and compile them and try to ensure that all questions are answered – either within the talk or posed to the speaker by the moderator in the Q&A portion towards the end of the program. If you think of a question during the program, please use ClickMeeting’s chat facility to ask the question and the moderator will, time permitting, ask the question to the speaker. Please send your questions to Alan Ehrlich. Registration is required for this program. You can register through the Events Panel on the right side of the page. You must be logged into this website to register for the program. If you didn’t re-register after our crash, please take this opportunity to re-register.

Elizabeth “Beth” Stewart, MD
Dr. Stewart is originally from Peoria, Illinois, and she completed her pediatric residency training at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, following her graduation from medical school in 2007 from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. She joined the Michael Dyer lab in 2011 as a Clinical Fellow in Hematology-Oncology where her research focused on the development of new therapeutics using pre-clinical models for pediatric solid malignancies. She just recently accepted a faculty position in Oncology where she has the opportunity to continue with her research and also spends time in the clinic taking care of patients with solid tumors. She grew up around St. Jude as there is an affiliate hospital in her hometown, and it was a dream come true to finally get the chance to work at such an amazing hospital. She is an avid runner and has participated in the Memphis to Peoria Run for the past 12 years.

Research Ares of Interest:

  • High risk pediatric solid tumors
  • Development of patient-derived orthotopic solid tumor xenografts
  • Translational preclinical testing of novel therapeutics for pediatric solid tumors