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Save the Date – Sunday, November 6, 2016 – Focus On Rhabdo Webinar Featuring Dr. Noah Berlow of the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute – cc-TDI.


His presentation will cover the computational and biological aspects of cc-TDI’s approach to personalized cancer therapy design. This approach is based on integrating anti-cancer drug screening and genomics data using a novel computational approach called Probabilistic Target Inhibitor Maps (PTIMs) which identifies combinations of synergistic protein targets capable of killing cancer cells far stronger than single target inhibition can. This approach has been published in multiple journals (including Nature Medicine) and is the basis of an upcoming article currently under revision for JCI Insight.

Noah Berlow is a postdoctoral fellow at the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute. His graduate work was performed at Texas Tech University under Dr. Ranadip Pal while actively collaborating with Dr. Charles Keller. Noah is a primary designer of the PTIM computational model used to identify the drug combination underlying the experiments in this proposal, and has significant experience in cell culture creation and development, drug screening, monotherapy and drug combination validation, as well as genomic data analysis.

Registration information will be posted shortly.