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Focus On Rhabdo
Webinar Series

March 5, 2017

Dr. Zoe Walters – Institute of Cancer Research

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Epigenetics describes the study and role of specific markers on DNA and associated histone proteins. The work that Zoë has undertaken within Janet’s team at the ICR and during her CWCUK fellowship has focused on the role of proteins that alter the epigenetic status of rhabdomyosarcomas. Histone modifying enzymes regulate intracellular transcriptional networks to tightly control gene expression and DNA repair, and ultimately control cell proliferation and differentiation. Zoë’s presentation will outline the work she has been doing on the histone modifying protein complex Polycomb Recessive Complex 2 (PRC2), how this complex is aberrantly expressed in rhabdomyosarcomas and how targeting this protein complex might be exploited for therapeutic intervention in this and other soft tissue sarcomas.

Important: This will be a moderated webinar. To protect our speakers from even a hint of “practicing medicine over the internet” we ask that you send in your questions prior to the program. We will sort and compile them and try to ensure that all questions are answered – either within the talk or posed to the speaker by the moderator in the Q&A portion towards the end of the program. If you think of a question during the program, please use the chat facility of Zoom, our new video conferencing platform, and the moderator will, time permitting, pose the question to the presenter. Please email your questions to me at

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