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Foundations & Organizations

Foundations and Organizations that Support Rhabdo Research and Families

There is no doubt, research costs money and the National Institute of Health doesn’t provide a great deal of money for pediatric cancer research. And of the money they do allocate, only a very small portion goes to fund rhabdomyosarcoma research.

Much of the funding comes from charitable, non-profit foundations, many of which were started to memorialize a child who lost the battle with this incredibly aggressive disease. By running various fund-raisers, these groups support much of the laboratory research that has been ignored by Big Pharma and our government. If you can, please donate to any of these organizations and ask that your donation be used for rhabdo research.

We are hoping that many of these organizations, especially the smaller ones, will join together in a coalition to support rhabdo research. By bringing together a lot of ‘smaller’ donations, we can create larger grants for our researchers to compete for.

AACR Foundation
Alex’s Lemonade Stand
Amanda Riley Foundation
Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation
Austen’s Army Foundation
Battle 4 A Cure
Childhood Cancer Foundation
Children Cancer Foundation Pakistan Trust
Children’s Cancer Foundation
Christina Renna Foundation
Conner’s Heroes Foundation
Earthwide Surgical Foundation
Elaine Roberts Foundation
Emilio Nares Foundation
Ethan Jostad Foundation
Friends of TJ Foundation
Hugs for Brady
Jack’s Angels Foundation
Jareds Juggernaut to End Sarcoma
Just Because Foundation
Kapuso Foundation
Live Like Bella
Max Cure Foundation
Miracle Party
Morgan Adams Foundation
Pheonix Spangler Foundation
Rally Foundation
Rein in Sarcoma
Ryan Callahan Foundation
SickKids Foundation
St. Baldrick’s Foundation
Summer’s Way Foundation
Sunshine Project – National Pediatric Cancer Foundation
Super Sam Foundation
Team G Childhood Cancer Foundation
TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation
The Kailyn Rhea Foundation
The Laurel’s Army Foundation
The Pablove Foundation
The PaulieStrong Foundation
The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
Theresa’s Battleship
Thumbs Up For Lane Goodwin Childhood Cancer Foundation
Tyler Robinson Foundation – Imagine Dragons Cancer