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[COMMENT: As most of you know, Dr. Keller is one of the co-founders of Focus On Rhabdo, and I was a founding director at cc-TDI.  The work being done at the lab is important as we move towards finding the means to make Rhabdo a universally survivable disease. Please consider placing cc-TDI on your gift list for this holiday season. Alan]

Giving Tuesday

Heavy on our hearts this week as we gather with friends and family for Thanksgiving are the families we work so closely with who are impacted by childhood cancer.

We are honored to be your partners in hope.

There is more going on at the lab than we can convey in a short email, but we want to share a few updates as we work to make childhood cancer universally survivable.

  • More discovery, less time:  our Perkin-Elmer SciClone Drug Screening Robot is nearly ready for operation.  This will take us from testing dozens of drugs per patient (or cancer type) to hundreds or thousands in the same day.
  • Engineering Forward: through a generous gift of the Macy Easom Foundation, we are hiring Samuel, a recent engineering graduate, to move our eggs-replace-mice-for-drug-testing effort to automation.
  • The Ratatouille Principle: remember that movie, and the mantra that “anyone can cook”?  The take-home message that talent can come from anywhere is true at cc-tdi, too.  Visit our website and watch the video on how Andy became a researcher for his daughter’s cancer,
cc-tdi staff.jpg

cc-TDI Staff

We are both moved and thankful for every family that contacts the lab for information, every partner that works with us in collaboration, and every donor or foundation that funds our research.

Next Tuesday, after the turkey and stuffing has settled, is Giving Tuesday.  For our scientists and engineers at the lab, it will be another day they devote their hearts and talents to advancing hope for families.

For you, it’s an opportunity to go online and make a gift to make our work possible.  We’ll send a reminder out via email on Giving Tuesday with the link to donate.  In the meantime, we encourage you to think about where you might give on Tuesday and ask that you consider cc-TDI.

With our deep thanks,

Charles & Beckie