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Since I posted this last Sunday, I’m pleased to announce that two additions have been made to our board: Angie Goodwin and Amy Meiners. Thanks go to both of you for volunteering.

I would like to introduce the 2014 Advocacy Group Board/Leadership Circle and to thank you each of them for volunteering to take a leadership role as we join in a collaborative effort with the leading rhabdo scientists and clinicians from around the world to find a way to make rhabdomyosarcoma a universally survivable disease.

  • Vanessa Brewer
  • Joann Callahan
  • Jennifer Cartwright
  • Joan Darling
  • Alan Ehrlich
  • Phil Eidsvik
  • Angie Goodwin
  • Amy Meiners
  • Todd Paulsen
  • Bénédicte Reyssat
  • Shannah Rodriguez-Torres
  • Jackie Rosenzveig
  • We will be holding our first organizational meeting shortly and we will share our thoughts with you immediately afterwards.

    Please contact any one of us and share your thoughts and ideas of what we, as a collaborative group, can do to hasten the attainment of our goal.

    Thanks again to all… Alan Ehrlich