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Dear Focus On Rhabdo Community, 

We are excited to announce our 2014 Scientific Advisory Board:

Charles Keller MD, OHSU (chair; rhabdomyosarcoma mouse models research)

Leonard H. Wexler MD, MSKCC (chair-elect; clinician-scientist and rhabdomyosarcoma clinical care expert)

Janet Shipley PhD, ICR in the UK (rhabdomyosarcoma biology and preclinical research)

Alberto S. Pappo MD, St Jude (clinician-scientist and rhabdomyosarcoma clinical care expert), and

Rossella Rota PhD, IRCCS in Rome (rhabdomyosarcoma basic & translational research)

Peter J. Houghton PhD, Nationwide Children's Hospital (rhabdomyosarcoma basic science and also preclinical studies through his leadership of the NCI CTEP Pediatric Preclinical Testing Program).  


The SAB will have new members each year to increase the diversity as much as possible (except the chair-elect, who will serve 2 years for continuity purposes).  

We are here in your service.  Our thanks to all the members in the Community who are working so hard to make rhabdomyosarcoma a uniformly survivable condition.