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Cancer Knowledge Network (CKN) is owned by Multimed Inc., an international medical publishing and project development company, and publishers of Canada’s leading oncology journal, Current Oncology. CKN was created in 2011 to address the gap between scientific research and day to day living with cancer. It quickly grew and now directly addresses many areas of the cancer world, including Young Adults, Integrative Therapy, Oncofertility, Music and Creative Therapies and Childhood Cancer.

The CKN Childhood Cancer Awareness and Advocacy section is an online portal where parents and caregivers can go to feel connected to others who are in similar circumstances, and also to engage in the issues related to childhood cancer advocacy. Project Coordinator, Karen Irwin, and Co-Editors, Jonathan Agin and Susan McKechnie, unfortunately have all lost children to cancer and are thus able to draw from their collective personal experiences to create a library of narratives and papers that speak to this community.

Please feel free to browse our site and share it with those whom you feel could benefit from it.