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Reposted…. as received from Mimi Olsson.

The failure to report clinical trial results as described in the article, “Law Ignored, Patients at Risk”, by Charles Piller (see, is a very serious problem which, I am embarrassed to say, that I did not know about.  The first few paragraphs immediately drew me into reading the complete article. Why are these egregious breaches of ethical behavior allowed as they can have such a profound impact on patients? The magnitude of this malfeasance by both the institutions and investigators involved should be exposed by a widely viewed and respected investigative reporting program like 60 Minutes or the PBS News Hour. This is a disgrace.

 [There is too much information in this article to copy it here.  Please read the article (link above).]

Please bring this article to attention of any and all sarcoma advocacy groups an online sarcoma support groups that you are involved with. Perhaps a petition campaign can be initiated to get the FDA to act and levy fines as it is authorized to do. Several thousand signatures on such a petition might bring visibility to this terrible situation.