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This is the site of the Rhabdomyosarcoma Advocacy Group. Working together, community members, scientists, and clinicians all striving to make Rhabdomyosarcoma a universally survival disease.

This website has three layers:
– The first, for all who visit: for all who want to know a little more about this horrific children’s disease – for those families searching for information – we try hard to be an up-to-date source of resources – an ever growing list of information and resources.

– Second, for those who register as a Group Member, we offer our RhabdoTalk forum – a place where questions can be raised and answered and discussions can be held. (Registration Required).

– And third, for those who want to take a more active role in our quest for a cure, the Advocacy Group, with it’s advocacy, education and research goals is the level to choose. There is no cost involved, although it would be great if you would participate on one of our committees. One perk of Advocacy Group membership is access to additional resources and better interaction with our Scientific Advisory Council through our email responder list where questions/answers/comments are easily responded to by email rather than having to sign onto the website and visit the forum.(Advocacy Group Membership Required).

You’re welcome to participate at the level of your comfort. When you register, and we hope that you do, you will have access to our discussion group. Request membership to the Advocacy Group (checkbox on the registration form) and you will be ‘upgraded’ within 24 hours.

Should you decide that you want to join the Advocacy Group after you’ve registered, please use the “Contact Us” form to request an ‘upgrade.’ Advocacy Group membership doesn’t cost anything. Hopefully, as a Group member you will be able to offer some of your time and expertise and willingness to work with all of us – community members, clinicians, and researchers – in our quest to make rhabdomyosarcoma a universally survivable disease.

Thank you for your support.