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A CSPG4-specific immunotoxin kills rhabdomyosarcoma cells and binds to primary tumor tissues
H Brehm, J Niesen, R Mladenov, C Stein, A Pardo… – Cancer Letters, 2014
Abstract The treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) remains challenging, with metastatic
and alveolar RMS offering a particularly poor prognosis. Therefore, the identification and
evaluation of novel antigens, which are suitable targets for immunotherapy, is one …

Outcome for Children with Metastatic Solid Tumors over the Last Four Decades
SM Perkins, ET Shinohara, T DeWees, H Frangoul – PloS one, 2014
… Patients diagnosed between 0 and 18 years of age with metastatic Ewings sarcoma,
neuroblastoma, osteosarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma or Wilms tumor were included in the analysis. Results. 3,009 patients diagnosed between 1973–2010 met inclusion criteria for analysis. …

M Salerno, S Avnet, G Bonuccelli, A Eramo, R De Maria… – Bone & Joint Journal …, 2014
… We then exposed sarcospheres obtained from a rhabdomyosarcoma model (RD cells) to a hypoxic environment (1% O 2 ), and analyzed their growth and gene expression to that of sarcospheres grown at standard 21% O 2 . …

Spontaneous Periocular Ecchymosis in Children: Differential Diagnosis and Current Trends in Evaluation and Management
SC Kavoussi, CA Pasco, KA Mears, F Levin, JJ Servat – chemotherapy, 2014
… commonly develops following surgery or traumatic injury to the orbit, the spontaneous appearance of periocular ecchymosis in children can indicate the presence of life-threatening conditions including pediatric malignancies (neuroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, leukemia) and …

Design and production of 3D printed bolus for electron radiation therapy
S Su, K Moran, JL Robar – Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 2014
… The method is evaluated with regular geometric phantoms, anthropomorphic phantoms, and
a clinical rhabdomyosarcoma pediatric case. In all cases the dose conformity are improved
compared to that with uniform bolus. … E. Rhabdomyosarcoma patient. …

Surgical aspects in the treatment of retroperitoneal soft tissue sarcomas
A Perathoner, R Kafka-Ritsch, APPDD Matthias – memo-Magazine of European …, 2014
… is the retroperito- neum. Additionally, ASTS can occur in the abdominal wall (eg
rhabdomyosarcoma, liposarcoma) or affect vis- ceral organs (eg leiomyosarcoma of the
gastrointestinal tract or uterus). In comparison with adenocarcinomas …

Clinical implications of malnutrition in childhood cancer patients—infections and mortality
EAH Loeffen, A Brinksma, KGE Miedema, GH de Bock… – Supportive Care in Cancer, 2014
… This implies that there is an effect over all pediatric cancer diagnoses and not only in patients with AML or rhabdomyosarcoma as studied before. Both malnourishment at diagnosis and malnourishment at 3 months after diagnosis were related to reduced survival rates. …