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A promoter-associated RNA downregulates the oncogenic GLI1 transcription factor in rhabdomyosarcoma cells
PG Zaphiropoulos - RNA & DISEASE, 2014
Abstract Recent experimental evidence demonstrates a novel regulatory mechanism on the
expression of the GLI1 oncogene, a transcriptional effector of Hedgehog signaling. This is
mediated by a non-coding RNA, antisense to the GLI1 promoter, GLI1AS, which elicits ...

YAPping About Differentiation Therapy in Muscle Cancer
MN Svalina, C Keller - Cancer Cell, 2014
Overcoming a presumed differentiation block in the childhood muscle cancer embryonal
rhabdomyosarcoma is often thought to hold promise as an approach to replace. ...

Outcome of chemotherapy for adult soft tissue sarcomas in Jos, north central Nigeria
MA Misauno, MB Ode, AH Shitta, HC Nwadiaro - Journal of Cancer Treatment and …, 2014
... All the tumours were more than 5cm in size at presentation. Rhabdomyosarcoma was seen
in 17 patients (42.5%), fibrosarcoma in 14 (35%), liposarcoma and dermatofibrosarcoma
4 (10% ) each and one patient (2.5% ) had synovial sarcoma. ...

Chimeric RNAs generated by intergenic splicing in normal and cancer cells
K Jividen, H Li - Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer, 2014
... THE PAX3-FOXO1 CHIMERA IN RHABDOMYOSARCOMA AND MYOGENESIS. ... Rhabdomyosarcoma is one of the most common tumors in children and adolescents. ... Multiplex RT-PCR assay for the differential diagnosis of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma. ...

The effect of surgical margins on outcomes for low grade MPNSTs and atypical neurofibroma
NM Bernthal, A Putnam, KB Jones, D Viskochil… - Journal of Surgical …, 2014
... sheath tumor. One patient died of a cardiac arrest and the second died of metastatic
embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, with the primary tumor located in the abdomen and
staining negative for nerve sheath markers. Disease-specific ...

Promise and Pitfalls of Heavy-Particle Therapy
T Mitin, AL Zietman - Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2014
... what is still theoretical benefit.32 Rhabdomyosarcoma Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)
is the most common soft tissue sar- coma in children, and it commonly arises in the
head and neck region. In a dosimetric study of parameningeal ...

MicroRNAs differentially regulated in cardiac and skeletal muscle in health and disease: Potential drug targets?
CE Winbanks, JYY Ooi, SS Nguyen, JR McMullen… - Clinical and Experimental …, 2014
... skeletal muscle diseases. The development of the muscle derived rhabdomyosarcoma
(RMS) can be prevented by the re-expression of repressed miRNAs including
miR-206, miR-203 and miR-29, which act by reprogramming ...

Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 5 (IGFBP5) mediates methamphetamine-induced dopaminergic neuron apoptosis
D Qiao, J Xu, C Le, E Huang, C Liu, P Qiu, Z Lin… - Toxicology Letters, 2014
... Furthermore, the fact that over-expression of IGFBP5 inhibits IGF-I activation of IRS-1 (IR substrate-1), FKHRL-1 (forkhead in rhabdomyosarcoma-like 1) and protein kinase B, provides direct evidence for the ability of IGFBP5 to act as an apoptotic factor by inhibiting the action of ...

Identification and characterization of unrecognized viruses in stool samples of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis children by simplified VIDISCA
S Shaukat, M Angez, MM Alam, MF Jebbink, M Deijs… - Virology Journal, 2014
... is not possible. Stool samples of 10 patients with unexplained acute flaccid paralysis
showing cytopathic effect in rhabdomyosarcoma cells and/or mouse cells were used
to test the efficiency of this method. To further characterize ...

Advanced Rhabdomyosarcoma During Pregnancy
A Zarariya, RD Katke, P Lewis, GD Agrawal
Abstract We report an interesting case of advanced r habdomyosarcoma (RMS) in a teenage
pregnancy leading to mortality. A 19 year old married girl presented with 8 month s of
amenorrhea and a wart like perianal lesion. She was lost follow up for a month and came ...