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Myogenic Tumors in Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome
S Hettmer, LA Teot, H Kozakewich, AM Werger… – Journal of Pediatric …, 2014
… Syndrome (NBCCS; also known as the Gorlin syndrome).3 NBCCS has been linked to hyperactive
Hh sig- naling because of inactivating germline mutations in PATCHED1 (PTCH1).3 We report
the case of a 16-month- old girl with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in the left …

Brachytherapy in children with rhabdomyosarcomas of the nasolabial fold
R Mazeron, O Oberlin, I Dumas, F Kolb, J Goulart… – Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 2014
… Keywords: brachytherapy; head and neck; nasolabial fold; pediatrics; rhabdomyosarcoma.
Abstract. … 1 Gillespie MB, Marshall DT, Day TA, et al. Pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma of
the head and neck. Curr Treat Options Oncol 2006; 7:13–22. …

Ewing family tumours: a paediatric perspective
GR Somers – Diagnostic Histopathology, 2014
… 3 Tumours belonging to the former group include the EFT, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma
and synovial sarcoma, each of which has recurrent consistent translocations. The second
group includes tumours such as embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma …

Serum levels of mature microRNAs in DICER1-mutated pleuropulmonary blastoma
MJ Murray, S Bailey, KL Raby, HK Saini, L de Kock… – Oncogenesis, 2014
… For example, miR-206, a muscle-specific microRNA, is downregulated in rhabdomyosarcoma
samples (compared with normal skeletal muscle) and associated with poor overall survival, 22
but found at elevated levels in the serum when compared with normal controls. …

An isolated mid-facial swelling: a cause for an otolaryngology referral?
N Killick, J Robinson, Y Karagama – British Journal of Hospital Medicine, 2014
… Rapidly Rhabdomyosarcoma progressive Histiocytosis swelling Haematomas
Non-accidental injury Neuroblastoma Ewing’s sarcoma Osteogenic sarcoma Acute
swelling Apical tooth infection with inflammation Dacryocystitis …

Synthesis and cytotoxicity studies of Hedgehog enzyme inhibitors SANT-1 and GANT-61 as anticancer agents
V Chenna, C Hu, SR Khan – Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 2014
… of pancreatic CSCs. Inappropriate Hh signaling has been associated with several
malignancies including basal cell carcinoma, medulloblastoma and rhabdomyosarcoma,
prostate, pancreatic and breast cancers. Thus by targeting …

Increased Utilization of Pediatric Specialty Care: A Population Study of Pediatric Oncology Inpatients in California
LJ Chamberlain, N Pineda, L Winestone, O Saynina… – Journal of Pediatric …, 2014
… Evidence suggests that care delivered within the COG and similar, precursor organizations
improve outcomes and survival.3,4 Adoles- cents and young adults receiving treatment for
acute lym- phoblastic leukemia,5–8 rhabdomyosarcoma,9 Ewing …

C Kock, AJ Terblanche, DF Wittenberg – South African Journal of Child Health, 2014
… [http://dx.doi. org/10.4103/0971-3026.50829] 3. Geary TR, Maclennan AC, Irwin GJ. Hypertrophic
osteoarthropathy in primary liver rhabdomyosarcoma. Pediatr Radiol 2004;34:250-252. 4.
Rothberg AD, Boal DK, Hypertrophic osteo- arthropathy in biliary atresia. …