Recent Papers on Rhabdomyosarcoma - 17 February 2014
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Botryoid-type of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of renal pelvis in a young woman
A Kaabneh, C Lang, R Eichel, W Arafat, S Alloussi - Urology Annals, 2014
Abstract A 22-year-old woman presented with three weeks history of intermittent left loin
pain, on radiological evaluation by U\ S and MRI revealed left renal pelvic mass,
ureterorenoscopy and biopsy taken, but couldn't reveal definitive diagnosis other than ...

Diversity in Renal Function Monitoring and Dose Modifications During Treatment for Childhood Cancer: A Call for Standardization
Hester N. Blufpand, MD, Nicole Hes, BSc, Arend Bökenkamp, MD, PhD, Marianne D. van de Wetering, MD, PhD, and Gertjan J.L. Kaspers, MD, PhD
Despite changes in survival and drug tolerability, nephrotoxicity remains an important complication of chemotherapy. To provide cutting-edge care for children with cancer oncologist must be familiar with their nephrotoxic potential. Careful monitoring of renal function during treatment is therefore indicated. Well-defined guidelines for this are lacking. We reviewed current DCOG protocols and showed that monitoring of renal function during treatment varies...

Tumors of the neonate
D Viswanath - Universal Research Journal of Dentistry, 2014
... From a clinical point of view, at least three separate clinical groups of malignant
soft tissue sarcomas are encountered in childhood; congenital fibrosarcoma,
rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), and non-RMS soft tissue carcinoma. ...

Understanding and Optimizing Cancer Care for Children: Understanding and Optimizing Cancer Care for Children
FO Smith - group, 2014
... It is known that certain genetic disorders will place children at risk for cancer (eg, Down syndrome
and acute leukemia; immune deficiencies and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; Li-Fraumeni syndrome
and rhabdomyosarcoma; Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome and Wilms' tumor; and ...

SALL4 Expression in Germ Cell and Non–Germ Cell Tumors: A Systematic Immunohistochemical Study of 3215 Cases
M Miettinen, Z Wang, PA McCue, M Sarlomo-Rikala… - The American Journal of …, 2014
... Expression of SALL4 was rare in other mesenchymal and neuroendocrine tumors but was
occasionally detected in melanoma, desmoplastic small round cell tumor, epithelioid sarcoma,
and rhabdomyosarcoma. All hematopoietic tumors were negative. ...

Insulin and LiCl Synergistically Rescue Myogenic Differentiation of FoxO1 Over-Expressed Myoblasts
YJ Wu, YH Fang, HC Chi, LC Chang, SY Chung… - PLOS ONE, 2014
... 12]. Mutation of these cell cycle regulatory transcription factors has been a recurrent
target in the rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive malignant muscle tumor type that account
for 5–8% of all cases of childhood cancer [13]. Chromosome ...

Spectrum of Cytological Findings in Paediatric Non-Thyroidal Neck Swelling – Experience in a Tertiary Care Children Hospital
A Majumdar, A Jana, S Biswas, S Bhattacharyya… - IRANIAN JOURNAL OF …, 2014
... The global literature delineates the common pae- diatric head and neck tumours as lymphomas
(59%), rhabdomyosarcomas (13%), thyroid tu- mours (10%), nasopharyngeal carcinomas (5%),
neuroblastomas (5%), non-rhabdomyosarcoma soft-tissue sarcomas (4.5%), salivary ...