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Staging FDG-PET versus bone marrow aspirate/biopsy for assessment of metastatic bone involvement by rhabdomyosarcoma
J Fox, S Gavane, A Price, S Wolden, L Wexler… – Society of Nuclear Medicine …, 2014
Objectives: To compare the performance of FDG-PET and bone marrow aspirate/biopsy
(BMAsp/Bx) for detection of metastatic bone involvement (MBI) at initial staging of
rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS). Methods: Included RMS patients underwent a staging FDG- …

Whole Body MRI and Diffusion Weighed Images in Pediatric Oncology: Lymphomas and Several Others Tumors
JL de Oliveira Schiavon, HM Lederman – Current Radiology Reports, 2014
… Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2009;36:23–36.PubMedCrossRef. 3. Federico SM, Spunt SL,
Krasin MJ, Billup CA, Wu J, Shulkin B, et al. Comparison of PET-CT and conventional imaging
in staging pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma. Pediatr Blood Cancer. …

Rhabdomyosarcoma of Urinary Bladder

V Priyadarshi, D Gogoi, MK Bera, D kumar Pal – APSP Journal of Case Reports, 2014
Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in infants and children.
RMS can occur in any age but approximately 87% of patients are younger than 15 years.
Approximately25% of these tumors arise from the genitourinary (GU) tract and another 10 …

PIKfyve, MTMR3 and their product PtdIns5P regulate cancer cell migration and invasion through activation of Rac1
O Angela, MH Ellen, Z Tobias, ED Havard, S Anita… – Biochemical Journal, 2014
… levels, demonstrating a possible lin* between this phosphoinositide and oncogenesis [3]. Here,
we show that the depletion of either PIKfyve or MTMR3 cause decreased cell migration in three
cancer cell lines of different origins (lung, rhabdomyosarcoma and osteosarcoma). …

Histopathological features and distribution of EV71 antigens and SCARB2 in human fatal cases and a mouse model of enterovirus 71 infection
P Yu, Z Gao, Y Zong, L Bao, L Xu, W Deng, F Li, Q Lv… – Virus Research, 2014
… In vitro experiments have demonstrated that expression of SCARB2 in mouse L929 cells confers
susceptibility to EV71 infection and infection efficiencies are similar to that of RD
(rhabdomyosarcoma) cells, a cell type that is highly susceptible to EV71 infection (Yamayoshi …

Role of MicroRNA-1 in Human Cancer and Its Therapeutic Potentials
C Han, Z Yu, Z Duan, Q Kan – BioMed Research International, 2014
… Most miR-1 and sarcoma studies were on rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS). … Overexpression of
miR-1 may inhibit rhabdomyosarcoma cell migration and proliferation through apoptosis
and arrest cell cycle in vitro and restrain tumor growth in vivo [69]. …

A series of Cre-ERT2 drivers for manipulation of the skeletal muscle lineage
S Southard, SH Low, L Li, M Rozo, T Harvey, CM Fan… – genesis, 2014
… (2004) Pax3:Fkhr interferes with embryonic Pax3 and Pax7 function: Implications for alveolar
rhabdomyosarcoma cell of origin. … genesis Page 21. 21 Evidence for an unanticipated relationship
between undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma and embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. …