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Singapore Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) Experience: Shall We Change Our Practice?

L Aung, TA Soe, KT Chang, TC Quah - Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, 2014
Introduction: Although rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) constitutes nearly 4% of all children diagnosed with cancer in the ethnically diverse small island city of Singapore, it is unknown how children with RMS fare. Materials and Methods: This study investigated 50 children ...

Primary Paratesticular Neuroblastoma: Report of 2 Cases and Review of the Literature
AC Strine, FJ Rescorla, R Misseri - Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports, 2014
... histologic elements in this region. About 75% of paratesticular neoplasms are benign, while the remainder represent a metastatic or primary malignant tumor such as rhabdomyosarcoma [2]. Neuroblastoma is the most common ...

Identification of novel non-coding RNA-based negative feedback regulating the expression of the oncogenic transcription factor GLI1
VE Villegas, M Ferdous-Ur Rahman… - Molecular Oncology, 2014
... Cell lines and culture. The alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma RMS13 and the pancreatic carcinoma PANC1 cell lines were purchased from ATCC (Manassas, VA). The embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma cells lines used were Rh36, a kind gift from P. Houghton (St. ...

Rapid Assessment and Visualization of Normality in High-Content and Other Cell-Level Data and Its Impact on the Interpretation of Experimental Results
SA Haney - Journal of biomolecular screening, 2014
... For these data sets, a single assay metric is used to measure cellular responses to perturbations such as Wortmannin to block phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase (PI3K) signaling to forkhead homologue (FKHR) in rhabdomyosarcoma cells, tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα) to ...

Adaptive functioning of childhood brain tumor survivors following conformal radiation therapy
JM Ashford, KL Netson, KN Clark, TE Merchant… - Journal of Neuro-Oncology, 2014
... ST patients received treatment for their tumor (Ewing sarcoma, oste- osarcoma, soft tissue/rhabdomyosarcoma, neuroblastoma, or Wilms tumor) without CNS-directed therapy (eg, cra- nial radiation therapy, intrathecal chemotherapy, high dose J Neurooncol 123 Page 3. ...

CXCR4 as Biomarker for Radioresistant Cancer Stem Cells
F Trautmann, M Cojoc, I Kurth, N Melin, LC Bouchez… - International journal of …, 2014
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