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Ovarian Rhabdomyosarcoma Arising from Mature Cystic Teratoma
R Sanz-Baro, MC Gonzalez Alvarez… - Austin J Clin Case Rep, 2014

Abstract Malignant transformation of mature cystic teratoma is very unusual and has difficult diagnosis and poor outcome. We present the case of a young woman diagnosed with a benign teratoma measuring 15 cm, and a laparotomic adnexectomy was performed. ...

Orbital rhabdomyosarcoma with skin metastasis: a case report
F Elomrani, S Touri, I Ouziane, N Berrada, S Boutayeb… - BMC Research Notes, 2014

Background Rhabdomyosarcoma is a soft tissue neoplasm that usually arises in the headand neck region and genitourinary tract. Skin metastasis of rhabdomyosarcoma is extremely rare; of thirteen cases reported in the literature, most were children younger ...

Destruction of the craniofacial skeleton in the child caused by an orbital tumor
G Goncerz, J Skrzat, M Kołodziej, J Walocha - Child's Nervous System, 2014

... Subsequently, the skull was examined using computed tomography. Results The skull was identified as having unilateral symp- toms of orbital destruction caused by a malignant tumor, probably retinoblastoma or rhabdomyosarcoma. ... Rhabdomyosarcoma . Neuroblastic tumor . ...

Proton radiotherapy for pediatric tumors: review of first clinical results
B Rombi, S Vennarini, L Vinante, D Ravanelli… - Italian Journal of Pediatrics, 2014

... Proton radiation has been used safely and effectively for medulloblastoma, primitive neuroectodermal tumors, craniopharyngioma, ependymoma, germ cell intracranial tumors, low- grade glioma, retinoblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma and other soft tissue sarcomas, Ewing's ...

Pediatric Proton Therapy: Patterns of Care across the United States
AL Chang, TI Yock, A Mahajan, C Hill-Kaiser, S Keole… - International Journal of …, 2014

... 2010. Anesthesia was required for 45% of patients. The six most common tumor diagnoses treated were ependymoma, medulloblastoma, low-grade glioma, rhabdomyosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, and craniopharyngioma. In ...

Phase I dose escalation and pharmacokinetic study of oral gefitinib and irinotecan in children with refractory solid tumors
RC Brennan, W Furman, S Mao, J Wu, DC Turner… - Cancer Chemotherapy and …, 2014

... J Clin Oncol 25:4622–4627 4. Dharmarajan KV, Wexler LH, Wolden SL (2013) Concurrent radiation with irinotecan and carboplatin in intermediate- and high-risk rhabdomyosarcoma: a report on toxicity and efficacy from a prospective pilot phase II study. ...

The Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis: A Guide to Potential Molecular Targets
A Allegra, A Alonci, G Penna, V Innao, D Gerace… - Cancer Investigation, 2014