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FocusOnRhabdo – RhabdoTalk Webinar – Feb 9th, 2PM Eastern Time

We are planning to host a RhabdoTalk webinar every few weeks to address some of the many questions that we all have regarding this disease as well as provide us with updates on the various research projects that are being conducted in the global network of Rhabdo labs. The webinars will be led by members of our Advisory Council as well as other key, invited speakers.

At this webinar, the main topic will focus on our Rhabdomyosarcoma Biospecimen Tissue Donation Program. Dr. Keller will speak to the need for a wide range of tissue samples that can easily be obtained during any surgical procedure done on a rhado patient. We will have a list of participating laboratories, each of which has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with us.

The webinar is open to anyone, so invite all those who might be interested. To participate, you need to be registered on this, the Focus On Rhabdo website and 'book a seat' for the program. Use the link on the Events section at the right side of the screen. My on-line meeting software subscription currently allows for 50 webinar participants. If I see that more is needed I will expand my subscription accordingly. Again, registration on and booking a seat is required.

Please note that the 2PM time is Eastern Standard Time.  Please convert to your time zone.