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According to the website, the trial is currently recruiting participants.

On November 19, at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas I became the first human being in history to receive cancer treatment by injecting a bacteria (clostridium novi ) directly into the anaerobic middle of a tumor.

The theory is that my immune system would kick in and go after the bacterial infection by eating through the outer aerobic part of the tumor to get there, thus destroying the tumor. The outcome was unknown because the trial previously has only been done on dogs, but the predictions were both exiting and devastating depending on which direction the bacteria traveled. A tumor could be killed by my bodies own immune system. This is beyond my imagination. Wow. Well, it worked. Within 48 hours all signs of cancer in my right humorous and shoulder were gone. I still have my arm, Pneumonia has resolved itself, no heart abscess , blood pressure back to normal, labs and vitals good, I've no more fever nor hallucinations and the tumor most threatening to my life has been resolved. Doctors from 6 teams smiling. Great. Now I'm preparing to leave the hospital soon. Future shoulder surgery is in the discussion phases but for now we are just working on getting the pain under control. They will also closely watch my other metastasis as we all hold tight to a possible hope that the bacteria may work systemically as well. It's been a grueling three weeks, but one thing is for sure. I have amazing friends, God is here, and I have been Blessed with a Christmas miracle