From Joan Darling... (reposted from the comments area)

Imagine that there was an anti-cancer agent that had the all-time best response against rhabdomyosarcoma, particularly alveolar rhabdo, of ANY single agent EVER tested in the Pediatric Preclinical Testing Program. Imagine that all four alveolar rhabdo cell lines tested obtained a complete response in mouse xenografts. Imagine that this agent was just a couple of IV shots, and when tested in a pediatric Phase 1 clinical trial was found to be relatively safe. Then imagine that the agent stopped being produced because results in adult cancers were disappointing, and the planned Phase 2 trial in children was never done to find out how effective this agent was.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an imaginary situation. It describes what happened to NTX-010, the oncolytic virus also known as Seneca Valley Virus. For details on how effective it was in the preclinical studies, see the story here.

But imagine if we could find a source of funding to start manufacturing this again and continue the testing. Thoughts? Worth trying?