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For those unfamiliar with HAMLET, as described on the Lund University website:

HAMLET, a new concept for cancer therapy

Some years ago, serendipity allowed us to discover HAMLET, a new human molecule that kills cancer cells. Since then, we have characterised the molecule and its mechanism of action and have shown in clinical trials that HAMLET works in patients.

HAMLET is a new drug candidate with astonishing but well-documented properties. 1) HAMLET kills a broad range of tumor cells but spares healthy, mature cells (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, 1995 and 2000). 2) HAMLET kills more than 40 different types of tumour cells, including those most difficult to treat with available drugs. 3) HAMLET kills tumour cells by a natural non-toxic mechanism. Thus, unlike most current cancer drugs, HAMLET does not appear to damage healthy tissues. 4) HAMLET occurs naturally in human milk, and may contribute to the lowered cancer incidence in breast-feeding mothers and their children. 5) HAMLET can be produced in large quantities at drug quality.

Lund University Webpage on HAMLET (See Webpage Here)

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