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A message from Bruce Shriver of the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative. Bruce has announced that he has started two online publications focused on Sarcomas.

First is a magazine called “Sarcoma” on Flipboard, and he is curating a collection of sarcoma articles on Scoop.It. Both Flipboard and allow you to easily share any of the articles you read with someone. They complement our peer-reviewed publication ESUN.

Flipboard is a popular magazine reader app on Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets. If you already use Flipboard, just search for “Sarcoma” by Team Sarcoma and then subscribe to it. You can view (but not subscribe) to “Sarcoma” in your browser by using the link

Scoop.It is a popular curation tool allowing people to easily share information they have collected. You view and follow a Scoop.It curations in your browser. To view our “Sarcoma” curation on Scoop.It, use the link You can then “follow” it if you would like to.