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A child with a listening problem, be it based on a physiological disorder such as hearing loss, a cognitive issue, or a treatment-based reason, can suffer from a lifetime of difficulties. Listening disorders hava an impact on learning, communication, school performance, social interaction, and overall quality of life. Listening disorders can lead to academic under-achievement, inability to creat or retain relationships, job issues and more.

This white paper Collateral Damage: An Overview of Hearing Loss and Listening Disorders in Pediatric Cancer Treatment explains some of the issues involved with hearing loss and why it is not just a matter of volume along with the problems that can be caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The paper was written by Alan Ehrlich, Chair of the Global Listening Centre’s Division on Listening Disorders and the Co-Founder of

The white paper can be viewed on the FocusOnRhabdo website or by clicking  here.